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Tour from Reykjavík. Seljalandsfoss on the way. Followed by a 4x4, drive across glacial rivers to the stunning Þórsmörk valley between three glaciers.

?Adventure of experience. Seljalandsfoss magnificent waterfall, you can actually walk behind the falling stream without you getting wet, a unique viewing angles

After a stopover where we drive to Þórsmörk valley, in between three glaciers, calling at Gígjökull glacier further up the valley.

From there you can walk up to the edge of the magnificent Eyjafjallajökull and down from the peaks of volcanoes and crater cracking.

We will go across the deep glacial rivers, which take care of the forest environment Þórsmörk, and you'll have time to walk around and admire some of the many views it offers. Þórsmörk's most popular hiking areas in Iceland, visitors can not fail to be in awe of the beauty and captivated by its charm. Drive back to Reykjavik after a pleasant wheel drive trip.

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Distance 340 km : Duration 9-10 hours
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