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Day trips with Daytrips.is - Iceland Guide-Expert.

We order for you.
Activities you choose according to our itinerary.

Experiencing the trips: Impressive history and culture. Diverse landscapes and natural energy that produces electricity from steam, cold and hot water, geothermal greenhouses that produce all the vegetables and flowers. Glaciers and volcanoes and lava, an amazing country with a vast range of natural wonders.

Extra activity: During our travels, we provide an opportunity to add one activity per day.
Please report your preferences in the box if you want to quote additional activities.

Note that activities are not private trip, it is part of a larger group and is managed by professionals who are educated in their field.

Fire and Ice. Icelandic activity: Volcanoes hike. Glaciers, walk, Snowmobile. Lava area. Crater explosion. Black sand beach. Glacial lagoon icebergs, boat. Geothermal steam spring. Hot spring water. Geothermal lagoon bath. Mountains hike. Glacial river rafting.

Extra charge: ATV: Snowmobile: Riding: River Rafting: Diving: Snorkeling: Caves: Whale Watching: Boat tour: Blue Lagoon Spa.

Free: Included in the price and time: Hiking: Natural pools: Northern Lights Sept-April: Free Caves: Local farm visit.

No risk is taken: Safety tours in Passenger van, Super 4x4 jeep, or Luxury coaches. Easy tour with a guide for all you'll see.

Interesting places where we can stop the car and walk around the area and look around in 15-30-60 minutes.
These places are all services available to the traveler's choice. This is a relaxing trip and no risk taken.