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Landmannalaugar private day trip


Groups guided tours, at the best prices in Iceland.?

Landmannalaugar is one of most, amazing geological wonders. Option to enjoy the presence of volcanic crater lava warm up geothermal bath.

?A litlle comment. The city is Björk musician was born, and she loves the Icelandic highlands
Nature in the rainbow colors. Highlands wheel drive trip will take it through the valleys and caves, the glittering walls of volcanic craters,
lava and colorful mountains where you will be able to witness the geothermal activity and stunning nature.

To top it all, this stunning highlands road driving in Iceland comes with personal service from your guide. One thing is guaranteed, you will be surprised. Jökulgil and Nice are natural wonders.
Highland roads are closed from October 15 to 1 June, we offer instead a change and facilitate itineraries. Contact us


Locations Visited

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Distance: 430 km
Duration: 10 -11 hours

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