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Glacial Lagoon/South Coast day trip.


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Guided tours From Reykjavik. Spend a magnificent day experience mountains, waterfalls, black coastline, Glacier, volcanic lagoons and of course

A little comment. The band Sigur Rós is an Icelandic and in this area have been taken up many videos with her.

Our two magnificent trip for one.
Jeep tour of the south coast next stop, Selfoss Seljalandsfoss, waterfall, Vik and Kirkjubaejarklaustur and Skaftafell. Continue through the vast desert sand. Many of the biggest glacial rivers of the country flow into the Atlantic south and every year they carry millions of tons of black volcanic sand. Just before reaching the reservoir, driving past the volcano, home to the highest mountain in the country, top of the mountain, at 2111 m.
The lagoon is the stunning glacial lagoons. Icebergs of all shapes and sizes and many types of blue, turquoise and white glacier break off and float on the lagoon.
For even closer, you can go for some types of boat and sail among the oddly shaped ice formations. You will also see birds and seals swim short by country. Lagoon is a natural wonder that has to be seen to be believed.


Locations Visited

Tour Information

Distance 760 km : Duration 12-13 hours

Extra activity:  Contact us for extra activity:
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Choose one action each day trip
Glacier walk.  
Ice cave trip.   
Boat trip in lagoon.

Free activity:
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We offer : Short walk: Group play: Culture and song:



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