Reykjanes/Blue Lagon private day trip.


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Groups guided tours, at the best prices in Iceland.?

Day tour takes you to Kleifarvatn, Reykjanes geothermal, continent bridge, relax after trip in the Blue Lagoon spa.
Reykjanes area is known for famous musicians such as Of Monsters and Men who were born there.?

Enjoy a day trip. Super jeep tour of the Reykjanes peninsula. Tour start from the capital, and after about 30 min drive we arrived at Kleifarvatn that the geothermal and remarkable natural beauty.Interesting for photographers, as you drive along the
lake and up to geothermal place Seltun, which is a very interesting place, steam and mud hot springs and hot stream

We continue west Reykjanes lava field and get to Grindavik, the fishing town. Next we head further west and arrived in Reykjanes area and visit the bridge between the continents, sea cliffs, and Gunnuhver history instead,
Blue Lagoon spa is the last stop for us. It is ideal to book this trip on the way to and from the airport.

Hot spring, Volcano, Continent Bridge, Lighthouse, Geothermal spa (extra charge).  Culture, nature, and birds ?


Locations Visited

Tour Information

We arrive the Blue Lagoon 3 hours after the trip starts

From the Airport or Hotel is a possibility
The return trip to your hotel.
Distance 180 km : Duration 7 hours

Extra activity:  Contact us for extra activity:
Choose one action each day trip.
?Blue Lagoon Spa.
Free activity: 
What would you prefer to do, and experience, in your trip?
We offer : Short walk: Group play: Culture and song: 


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