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Snaefellsnes private day trip.


Book now online: Private day trip for you.

Groups guided tours, at the best prices in Iceland.?

Guided excursions from Reykjavík. We see the coastlines with high bird cliffs lava fields mountains farmland and volcano glacier Snaefellsjokull. ?

Wonders of west. Glaciers, volcano es and magical Snæfellsnes all in one day trip!

Snaefellsjokull marvel at. It is estimated that close to glacier, estate wonders and secrecy.

The  super Jeep tour around Snæfellsnes will take you to visit Ólafsvík, Iceland‘s oldest trading town which dates back to 1687, and Stykkishólmur,
which sits on a promontory overlooking the beautiful Breiðarfjörður Bay. The tour continues to Snæfellsjökull glacier for breathtaking views over the peninsula.
The area is also known for being populated by mythological creatures such as elves and trolls. Your guide will show you where those magical beings are said to live.
It said the glacier has mystical powers and that it is the gateway to another world. There is no doubt that the scenery is tremendously inspiring.
Exploring the area in a super Jeep makes the whole experience unforgettable.


Locations Visited

Tour Information

Distance 500 km : Duration 10 hours

Extra activity:  Contact us for extra activity:
Choose one action each day trip.
?Snowcat tours.

Free activity:
What would you prefer to do, and experience, in your trip?
We offer : Short walk: Group play: Culture and song.


Extras and Activities.


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            Only available if booked for individuals on the Daytrips.is website.

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